Yoga that repairs your body, balances your nervous system and ignites your inner power.

Fun And Purpose Driven

Our Yoga Rx is Medicine that creates ease in your body and is the engine that gives life to your mind, body and soul. We care about your well being. We’ve put time and research into understanding how you are feeling. We consciously design our classes to deliver what you need for your optimal health.

Experience Transformational Benefits

  • Feel Amazing In Your Body

    Increase your range of motion and feel more flexible, open and pain free

  • Re-Balance And Rejuvenate Your Body

    Create more ease and comfort in your physicality, creating space for more energy flowing thru you

  • Discover A More Relaxed Way Of Being

    Relieve stress and tension. Become more centered and clear

  • Alleviate The Harmful Effects Of Stress

    Prevent and reverse stress related diseases and dis-harmony in your system

  • Become More Optimistic

    Plant more positive seeds in your consciousness and watch your life evolve

  • Boost Your Energy Naturally

    Open the energetic channels (called nadis), and allow life force energy to flow freely throughout your body

  • Connect With Your Inner Joy

    It’s already within you, yoga teaches you how to tap in and live from a more joyful space

  • Gain Great Posture And Body Alignment

    Find yourself standing with the most beautifully aligned body and gain greater vitality throughout your whole being

Check out what Stephen has to say about Master Instructor & Program Director Michelle LeMay and how Yoga has changed his life.

Reliable Features

  • Result Driven

    Classes backed by research for specific results … that are also lots of FUN

  • Pain Relief & Restorative

    Classes that wash away stress, repair muscles & balance/restore your nervous system, so you feel goooooood all over.

  • One of a kind Dance Inspired Yoga

    Classes that integrate FUN free flowing movement that you won’t find anywhere else

Optimizing Your Experience

  • Heart Centered Philosophy

    Deepen your heart connection and access to all the beautiful qualities of the heart

  • Authentic Experienced Teachers

    Who live & breathe Yoga every single day and love guiding people like you to the BLISS of Yoga

  • Specially Selected High Quality Music

    That opens your body & deepens your yogic experience

Nourishing your Optimal Human Experience

Your Body Feels Good...
It’s easy for you to Relax…
Your Mind is Clear and Creative...

Some of our classes

  • Yoga Facial

    Your prescription for a more youthful peaceful appearance as you feel more relaxed, open and free in your face, neck and upper back

  • Restore Re-balance

    Sink into long soothing meditative poses rebalancing your nervous system and calming your entire state of being with a more Yin and Restorative approach

Optimize your Experience

  • Powerfully & Centered

    Fully engage in a powerful slow flow, embodying your strength and aligning with your center

  • Body Bliss

    A dance inspired creative Vinyasa fusion, combining strong foundational yoga poses with free flowing movement, groove into the ultimate workout for freeing your body and feeding your soul

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