(Last Updated On: September 11, 2018)

Exercise Type: Fitness - Stretching Exercise For Flexibility

This feel good stretch can be done everyday to get rid of blockages that may be causing problem areas. It will clear the clutter in your torso and slim your waist!

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  1. Hey Meeshal (love that spelling is that your DJ name? You were always destined to become a DJ michelle) loved the new website and especially this one minute quickie. Don’t mind if I do it tomorrow in class. lol! Sure wish I could come visit and take one of those fun looking creative dance/yoga classes. maybe one day…. Hey very cool that you work with SLASH!!!! I’m going to see Chicago live in a couple of weeks. In April Tom Petty second row. And Kool and the Gang and Van Halen up close and backstage in April also. I stretch every day doing a yoga routine or I couldn’t function. Love ya and have a great day. Yours truly, Teresa

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