The Anatomy of a Caterpillar Roll… Not the sushi!

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The Anatomy of a Caterpillar Roll… Not the sushi!

That beautiful stretch often seen in a Jazz class … What I would consider - the single most important movement for your spine. The caterpillar roll rejuvenates your spine thru flexing and rolling thru your back. …. It also strengthens and stretches the erector spinae, the muscles along the spine.... And it opens the way for more direct communication from your brain to the rest of your body. I call it "delicious movement" cuz it feels soooooo good ☺
I use this stretch in a lot of the workouts on - so I really want you to learn to do it right so you get the full benefit. I recommend doing this stretch everyday!

The movement:
1. Stand feet shoulder width apart. Deep breathe - arms floating upward to your side …
2. Flat back forward bending your knees slightly … (Engage your erector spinae - the muscles along your spine)
3. At the bottom - drop your arms and head …
4. Slowly roll up - relaxing your neck and back while allowing your arms and head to hang loosely.

See the video on the Anatomy of the caterpillar roll for the visual

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