The 3 physical elements of Fitness …

The 3 physical elements of Fitness …

There are 3 physical elements of fitness: Cardiovascular. Strength and Flexibility. It’s only been recently that people started paying attention to the Flexibility component of fitness, so stretching has been the missing element in most exercise routines. And quite honestly guys – Stretching is super duper important– especially as we get older. Most people think stretching is just for flexibility – but the bennies of Stretching go wayyyyyyy beyond that my friends. Stretching washes away tension & anxiety, makes you feel more comfortable and alive in your body & more relaxed, clear and creative in your mind. It flushes the lymphatic system, cleans the muscles so the communication within your muscular system is more direct resulting in better coordination, better flexibility and agility. Stretching clears all the lines of communication in the body so each and every cell more easily receives nutrients and disposes of waste. And those are just a few of the many benefits of stretching.

Most people are aware that weight training can improve the shape of your body… simply put – muscles produce a superior shape, while fat is basically shapeless. Did you know the more dense muscle tissue you have the higher your basal metabolism? That’s why men generally are able to eat more than woman. Your basal metabolic rate is how many calories it takes to maintain your body at rest. So if you want to burn more calories while you’re sleeping – do more strength training - specifically with weights. Weight bearing exercise is also important to increase the density of your bones, so if you’re getting older and worried about osteoporosis – hit the weights … it’s the easiest and most gratifying way of preventing osteoporosis – improve the shape of your body while preventing osteoporosis.

Cardiovascular exercise is exercise that keeps your heart rate up within your target heart rate zone for at lest 12 minutes and beyond. it’s smart to go for at least 30 minutes, as you start using fat for fuel right around 12 minutes into the exercise. Another great benefits is that up to 15 hours after you have done a cardiovascular workout your metabolism is boosted. And then there is a whole host of benefits to your circulatory system and the organs of your body, as well as, the obvious strengthening of your heart muscle.

I hope this inspires you to keep a balance between your strength, endurance and flexibility training…. It will make you feel great !!!

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