Tap in to your inner silence

Tap in to your inner silence

This month we will discover and anchor the power of silent meditation. By relaxing our minds and going within we tap in to the field of all possibilities. It is in this space that we align ourselves with all things and shift into divine harmony. When we are living in a space of divine harmony, everything we need seems to fall into place naturally. Life is much easier and more peacefully productive from this space of harmony. It is in this space, we are living in our true spiritual essence and have access to infinite creativity and bliss. This, to me, is like living in heaven on earth.

When our minds are constantly busy, life is not as peaceful and harmonious. When are minds are always thinking and doing we can easily miss helpful signs from the universe and consequently make decisions that do not serve our highest good. Then when we make bad decisions, we knock ourselves out of alignment or out of harmony and life becomes more difficult. When our minds are quiet, we are able to hear our intuition more clearly, which guides us in the direction of making better, more coherent decisions that serve our highest good.

Preparation: There are many different forms of meditation and tapping in to the inner silence is not necessarily one of the easiest forms, but it does get easier with practice. If you have never meditated before, and/or have difficulty quieting your mind, I suggest you do something to relax your mind and body before sitting or laying down to do a silent meditation. Stretching, taking a warm bath or shower, and deep breathing are some good ways to relax before silent meditation. You can also do a guided meditation first and then continue for a period of time in the silence. Feel free to use some of the stretches in the video section of this site, or some of the meditations in the beginning of the Groove Temple Live podcasts (the first 10 minutes of the podcast).

The length of time you meditate in silence will vary depending upon your meditation experience and also how much time you are willing to commit to. I suggest a minimum of 10 minutes. My favorite amount of time to meditate is 30 minutes. Try different lengths of time throughout this month and see what works for you. Set a timer with your chosen length of time when you begin.

Silent Meditation:

1. Sit or lay down in a confortable position with your spine straight.

2. Close your eyes

3. Follow the natural movement of your breath to get in touch with your self.

4. Let go of any tension in your body.

5. Bring your attention inward and in your mind ask for help in letting go of all

thoughts and connecting to your inner self/your inner power.

5. Simply be.

If you experience exterior distractions, just continue to direct your attention inward. This takes practice, so be patient with yourself. If your mind begins to wander, don

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