TAP IN and CONNECT with you heart everyday

TAP IN and CONNECT with you heart everyday

TAP IN to your heart every day for 28 days….

Your heart is where everything starts. To come from that TRUE space within - you must be deeply connected with your heart. The home of your spirit … the home of your soul. Your close connection to your heart can positively affect every aspect of your life. When you are in connection with your heart, you are in alignment with all the beautiful high vibrational qualities of the heart. The energy that you put out into the world is uplifting and good for everything in the universe. You attract higher vibrational “stuff” in return. And it all starts with our heart!

By tapping in and connecting with your heart, you can live your life from a more balanced, relaxed, intuitive space. When we come from our hearts we tend to come from a more peaceful clear state of awareness. When we are engaged with our heart our decisions and way of being are more along the lines of being compassionate, loving, non-judgmental, patient and forgiving. When we are connected to our heart we are more hopeful and optimistic, and our mind slows down so our thoughts can become more rational and focused. The intelligence of the Heart processes information less linear than the brain and more intuitive and direct. The heart is open to new possibilities and actually actively scans for them! This is what we need to think ‘out of the box’, to be creative in our own right and to evolve beyond mediocrity. Our brain may beautifully store learned information, but our heart takes us one step further into a realm of new possibility.

There is tons of research on the power of the heart and much of my favorite comes from the book “The Heartmath Solution”. Our heart is not just an organ that pumps blood to the rest of our bodies. According to the Heartmath Solution, our heart has it’s own intelligence and independent nervous system called the brain in the heart. The brain and nervous system in our heart communicates with our brain in our head. What’s really interesting tho, is when the brain sends messages to the heart, the heart doesn’t automatically obey - instead it responds with it’s own distinctive logic, depending on the nature of the issue at hand. Yet when the heart sends messages to the brain the brain not only understand, but obeys!

There is plenty of solid scientific evidence that our heart has significant influence on the functioning of our brains and all our bodily functions through the following biological communication systems: 1. neurologically thru nerve impulses. 2. biochemilcally thru hormones and neurotransmitters. 3. biophysically thru pressure waves.

More recently there is growing proof that we have yet another communication system: energetically thru electromagnetic field interactions. This is the super exciting news.
‘The hearts electromagnetic field is by far the most powerful produced by the body; it’s aproximately five thousand times greater in strength than the field produced by the brain. The hearts field not only permeates every cell in the body, but also radiates outside of us, it can be measured up to eight to ten feet away with sensitive detectors called magnetometers.’ 1

All of this is just a reminder, perhaps a little push to get you to focus into your heart every day … to TAP IN !!! So for the next 28 days - let’s do this together. Create the habit of TAPPING IN every single day and watch the positive effects on your life. There are many ways to incorporate this into your day - everyday. For these 28 days I suggest 2 things:

1. TAP IN and CONNECT to your heart for at least a minute at least 3 times a day. This means all your focus IN! Without distraction for a minimum of 1 minute. Closing your eyes will help you get deeper. If you have the time and you want to go for longer - go for it. Some of you may want to do your first TAP IN when you wake up in the morning - a great way to create the habit.

2. TAP IN and CONNECT whenever you’re under stress or you feel tension mounting in your body. (This takes a level of awareness, if you do not already have this sensitivity, you may want to begin to get in the habit of observing your state of being.) Instead of allowing your stressed mind to perhaps make a bad decision, this is a great way to put off your reactive mind and emotions, prevent an undesirable outcome, while opening the space for a better, brighter outcome. Here are three simple steps to more desirable results.

a. Breathe deliberately into your heart space as your bring all of your attention into your heart... (Close your eyes if you can) Connect as deep as you possibly can. Do this for at least one minute or as long as you need to calm your state of being.

b. Once your state of being feels calm - think of something that always makes you happy. (This is a preplanned thought that you can use on a regular basis … create one and use when needed) Get that feeling of being calm and happy. (this does not have to be an elated feeling- just a comfortable good feeling from the heart)

c. Then ask your heart what is the best resolution to the issue at hand. Now that you are in a more calm and happy state of being you are swimming in the realm of higher possibilities and will most likely attract an answer on a higher plane.

Please feel free to let me know how you’re doing with this. Share your comments below … let’s help each other live happier healthier more successful lives!!!

1 Doc Childre and Howard Martin,

    The Heartmath Solution

Harper San Francisco, 1999, 33
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