Take Time To Focus on Your 2013 Goals

Take Time To Focus on Your 2013 Goals

Take time to focus on your 2013 goals everyday for 28 days.

Take time to focus on your 2013 goals everyday for 28 days.

The roll over into a new year tends to bring excitement and inspiration as many people set their New Years Resolutions or goals for the year. The fact that people are super pumped to do this is AWESOME! The question is, how many actually follow thru with their goals or New Years Resolutions? How many people actually focus and work on their goals and resolutions, so they get the results they are looking for? It is one thing to set goals and another thing to actually work on manifesting them. This year, let us make it a priority to stay true to our dreams and begin working on them right away. Let us use this powerful first month of the year to create the habit of putting time into our goals for the year.

Follow the steps below.

Step one: Create your goal or goals for 2013.

Do you know what you want to manifest in your life this year? What are your dreams and desires? What is important to you? What will point you in the right direction to create the life you want to live? What will bring Peace, Balance, Joy and Abundance into your life? Consider these questions, as you create your goals for 2013. Write them down.

Step two: Create your plan:

Write down the things you will need to do to achieve your goal or goals. And where ever it is appropriate add dates or schedule things that need to be done and put them in your calendar.

Step three: Give your goals your attention!

Whatever you choose as your 2013 goals they deserve your attention your powerful focus!. Like plants need water to grow, your goals need your attention to grow, develop and unfold. So nurture your goals with your undivided attention thru visualization, meditation, day dreaming, dream dancing, cardio dreaming. Whatever works for you feed your dreams everyday and do it with conviction and passion!

Step Four: Follow thru with your plan and your attention

Every single day look at your plan and follow thru with things you have put in your plan/calendar. Also, follow thru with your commitment to focus on your goals everyday.

Helpful suggestions:

When focusing your attention on your goals it helps to get yourself into a

relaxed state, if you need assistance in relaxing, try stretching or breath-work. Powerfully think about it with confidence.

Feel it in your heart and your body.

Imagine it and let yourself dream about it in full color.

Bask in the joy that your dreams bring you

Feel the gratitude as if it has already happened

BE the person you need to BE in order for your dreams to take place

Take responsibility to make your dreams come true

Don not ever quit. Persevere!

Wishing all of you your best year yet. Let us be more conscious than ever in 2013 and create the life we want to live !!



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