Stretch a little bit everyday


Stretch a little bit everyday

Stretching is your body breathing and makes you feel good! Stretching is a key component to Healthy Living and Longevity! Whether you’re a hard core athlete, dancer, housewife or couch potato – you need to stretch! Stretching rebalances and rejuvenates your body after a workout, a long period of sitting or a stressful afternoon. Everyone benefits from stretching. We all have different forms of stress in our lives and whether it’s physical, mental, emotional, self induced or from exterior sources – stretching is the perrrrrfect medicine! It is one of the best ways to increase your range of motion and get the chi (your energy or your life force) to flow free thru your body. It is also a fantastic way to relieve anxiety, stress and tension.  Stress is currently being called the “Black Plague” of society today - due to the fact that it is the number one root cause of all fatal diseases and all dis-harmony in our bodies and in our lives. Regular stretching reduces the harmful effects that stress has on the body, while making you feel good. Without stretching we become stiff in our physical body and blocked in our energetic body, which does not promote healthy living. Stretching gets the energy moving, so your mind and body can be open and free. Stretching also helps us find peace and relaxation, another important factor in Healthy Living that people tend to forget about. For athletes, dancers and exercise enthusiasts, stretching helps your mind body connection, improves your coordination, and helps to prevent injuries. For artists stretching keeps the mind and body relaxed and clear, setting the right space for creativity to flow free.

I could go on and on about the benefits of stretching, but more importantly, you need to see for yourself.  For the next 28 days do a little bit of stretching everyday!!! I’m sure you will see why stretching is key to Healthy Living and feeling good.

Feel free to stretch on your own everyday or use the Stretch Videos on this site.  There are several free stretch quickie videos and for longer Stretch Workouts check out the Essential stretch DVD’s in our Store

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  • Ayako

    Michelle, despite all the stretching and eating kale, a bug got to me, and I am too sick to Groove with you tonight! I always look forward to going to your class, and I’ll miss you!


  • LOL … Ugggggh … I know sometimes the bugs get past the kale gate :-). I hope you feel better soon. we have a groove temple live on Monday night if you’re feeling better. Info is under events on this site. xoxo, Michelle

  • Kenny puett

    I have been so lazy lately that I haven’t stretched in a long time. Well I came across this website and I recognize you from fitness tv awhile back and you always seemed so passionate on stretching and just getting your body up and moving and growing. Well it got me in the mood to start stretching so I started stretching a few days ago and boy does my body feel better already. Never stop making those quickie videos they really do help and also I want to have a great body just like yours.

  • Excellent Kenny! Glad you started stretching again! You’re body needs to move everyday – its one of the most important things we can do for ourselves. This is exactly why we make the quickie videos – to get people like you moving’ again :-). I would recommend slowly adding in other quickies on strength for your body – starting with core. Keep me posted on your progress !

    • Kenny puett

      Will do Michelle and keep up the good work. Looking great and your almost 50 I would have never guessed

  • Kenny puett

    If I’m doing the quickies for stretching should I be doing them one time each or multiple times a day

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