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Stress Busters

Most days come with some amount of stress. In order to live a balanced and healthy life we must learn to better manage our stress and take care of ourselves emotionally. We make sure that our family is cared for, our pets are fed, our house is kept up, our yard is maintained and our work is accomplished, but we fail to monitor our own well-being. Start to be your own best friend. Nurture and care for your emotional self every day. Just as you have developed a pattern of brushing your teeth and eating everyday, begin developing a pattern of self care. The fact is, you will be much more relaxed, satisfied, peaceful and productive when you do! Here are some ideas of how to reduce stress and increase overall well-being.

1. Listen to relaxing music
2. Light candles with sweet smells (vanilla, caramel, cinnamon)
3. Enjoy one of your favorite comfort foods (mine is macaroni and cheese)
4. Journal your thoughts and feelings
5. Take a bubble bath
6. Watch a funny movie
7. Call a friend
8. Do some art (coloring, crafts, collage)
9. Rearrange your room
10. Give yourself a bouquet of flowers
11. Take a brisk walk
12. Pray or meditate
13. Read one of your favorite books
14. Find a pet to hold
15. Breathe deep

Do not let a day go by without taking time for you!

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