Recognize ABUNDANCE everyday


Recognize ABUNDANCE everyday

Recognize the abundance in each day in all different ways. There are many different ways that abundance shows up in our lives and most importantly, is that we recognize the abundance all around us. If we focus on lack, we will only get more lack. It can be difficult in economic times like the present, but these are the times it is most important to seek the abundance in all different areas of life. Right now, more than ever - it’s really important to ban together for abundance. We must change our consciousness surrounding abundance, to make positive changes in our own lives and in this world.  It's important that we each do our part! By recognizing abundance everyday for 21 - 28 days - you will create a groove in your consciousness that automatically looks at life abundantly. This doesn’t have to take any extra time out of your day, just add it to your everyday life.

As I write this sitting next to a window, I notice the sun is shining abundantly upon the earth. I am super grateful for the energy and joy this is bringing me. Recognizing this abundance of bright light is making me feel happy. You may walk outside to your car and recognize the abundance of life all around you: the grass, the trees, the flowers, the birds, the people, the insects. Our world is soooo alive. You may be answering emails and recognize the abundance of Love in your life. So much love energy coming from friends and family, so much love energy coming thru the information people are sharing and so much love energy residing in your own heart.

By consciously recognizing abundance everyday we are working our abundance and our creative muscles. Just like any other muscle, the more you work it - the stronger it gets! And the more you look at life abundantly - the more abundance you will bring into your life. Practicing this will also help you become more aware of when you are thinking from lack and therefore give you the opportunity to shift that type of thinking. There really is so much abundance all around us … and it becomes more and more apparent as we consciously recognize it. So consciously create this state of being, by recognizing abundance everyday in many ways. Work that abundance muscle !!! Work it !!! Work it !!! Make It Stronger and more Powerful. Make it multiply and signify Unlimited Potential !!!

We begin our lives in abundance. Our first breath signifies the beginning of our life and continues and continues on and on – until the day we die. We know we always have plenty of air to breathe. We live with an abundance of breath, that which keeps us alive - is always there for us. We trust in the abundance of air. Feel that sense of trust in your heart and let that sense of trust flow thru you. One of your most important human needs is fulfilled! We don’t wonder where our next breath is coming from, we simply expect it !!! When it comes to the abundance of breath - We know it … we trust it … we feel it … we expect it !!! This month let’s carry over this sense of confidence into other areas of our lives. Let us begin to KNOW, TRUST, FEEL and EXPECT ABUNDANCE in all areas of our lives!!!

There are so many different forms of abundance all around us everyday – see if you can come up with something new each day. Make the habit of looking at life abundantly and you will always have abundance in your life !!!
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