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Our Story ...

8 Years ago we set out to fulfill a vision. We went in blazing and since then we’ve invested thousands of hours researching and developing any angle we could conceive about our business and market, invested a ¼ of a million dollars and on going, on services, servers, consultants, hosted 100s of local events, created 100s of website renditions, evolved our marketing strategies, tested and integrated 100s of technology and marketing services all while continuing to raise awareness locally for our healthy lifestyle brand…

We do all of this as 2 people with enough passion and dedication rivaling a company of 100 employees,

So we've been told...

We do all of this to get the most out of your investment, so when it's time, we hit the ground running.

Luis Rosario & Michelle LeMay
Founders of Groove Temple

Now , it’s time.

Our Essence ...

We care about our investors, our staff and our clients - we consider everyone family.
We are business people with integrity
We are yogis with heart
We are coaches with drive to help others
We are mother, father, sister and brother with understanding and compassion
We are human beings in the continual pursuit of excellence
And we like to have fun!

Luis Rosario & Michelle LeMay
Founders of Groove Temple

The Founders ...

Luis is an Enigma! With a genius balanced brain, he is as creative as he is technical. He's a Corporate Mystic with a keen distant vision and up close focus.

Michelle LeMay - Co-Founder | Chief Creative Officer
Groove Temple

Luis Rosario

Luis' words to live by:

Intention, Integrity, Intuition & Vision guides me to my purpose...

To positively change the world.

- Luis Rosario, Groove Temple

The Connection

Connection is a key multi-dimensional fundamental in creating a human experience that transcends distance, time & space.

Luis Rosario - Co-Founder | CEO
Groove Temple

Co-Founder Luis Rosario on Connection .. Press Play Below

More About Luis Rosario ...

A leader of action, Luis is a multi faceted creative and technical professional

  • 1 - Media & Technology Rat ...

    15 years audio engineering and technology infrastructure design experience in a high demanding TV/Commercial Post Production industry.

  • 2 - A Visionary With A 360 Degree View ...

    Responsible for the creation of our potentially patentable Technical Infrastructure A/V Studio Design and the development/integration of our beta online Live Interactive Web Conferencing Platform.

  • 3- A jack of many trades ...

    Luis currently holds several digital marketing certifications, is a self made computer hack, a talented electronic music producer, mix and master engineer, head coaches Girls Youth Basketball & Soccer, yogi, meditator and philosopher who is always in the pursuit of knowledge

How Do We Connect To Create Our Human Experience In The Coming Future?

  • Through Physical Interaction & Sharing Space
  • Through Voice & Observation
  • Through Technology That Bridges People From Worlds Apart
  • Through Sharing Energy With One and Another

Luis Rosario elaborates on How We Connect ...

Michelle embodies everything and anything that defines a wise, dynamic Guru where Yoga, Fitness, Dance, Creativity & Inspiration come together as a singularity.

Luis Rosario - Co-Founder | CEO
Groove Temple

Michelle LeMay

Michelle's words to live by

I choose to stay consciously connected to my highest expression of myself and live in the realm of infinite possibilities.

- Michelle LeMay, Groove Temple

The Lifestyle

A Healthy Body, Mind and Soul is the Perfect Vehicle for the Optimal Human Experience

Michelle LeMay - Co-Founder | Chief Creative Officer
Groove Temple

Co-Founder Michelle LeMay on Healthy Lifestyle .. Press Play Below

More About Michelle LeMay ...

A world re-known intuitive leader in the wellness industry

  • 1 - Educator…

    Teacher: Thousands of workshops/masterclasses worldwide for Instructors & Consumers.
    Area Director: Responsible for education & training of thousands of employees for Mademoiselle Spas and American Fitness Centers
    Author/Writer: Essential Stretch Book – Putnam Publishers, hundreds of articles for a variety of Fitness and Health Magazines.

  • 2 - Trendsetter…

    In the 80’s – Pioneered Cardio Hip Hop / Cardio Dance
    In the 90’s – Leader in the “Softer Forms of Exercise” movement.
    20th Century – Michelle is in the forefront of the “Yoga Dance” movement

  • 3 - Spokesperson…

    NIKE, RYKA, GOLDS GYM, VOGUE Magazine, SELF Magazine, March of Dimes, Mademoiselle Spas, Power Bar

How do we live in The Optimal Human Experience?

  • Think and speak in a way that creates a Magnificent Future for Yourself
  • Make choices that honor your Body Temple and the Planet
  • Engage in activities that fire up your Passion, Joy and Creative Flow
  • Engage in practices that connect you to your Highest Expression of Yourself

Michelle elaborates on How We Live In The Optimal Human Experience ...

Our Full Deck ...

What do you get when you mix an audio engineer, technology rat, computer hack, dj, music producer with a yoga expert, fitness expert, dance choreographer, dancer and television personality?

Groove Temple ....

Luis Rosario - Co- Founder | CEO
Groove Temple

, use the arrows on your keyboard or swipe on your mobile... You can also go full screen on the slide deck... You can also click the Take A Tour link to view slide deck directly.

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Financials - Pre-Money Valuation ...

NoteFull Report Available On Request

NoteFull Report Available On Request

Below are some of the current assets that we own that directly impact our business

  • Web property www.groovetemple.tv
  • Web property healthydanceclub.com
  • Currently 20K email list for social media ad targeting
  • Email Marketing Machine System & Infrastructure
  • Automated Sale Funnels Infrastructure
  • Current 10k targeted Facebook profiles for advertising targeting
  • Beta Live Interactive Web Conferencing Platform Integration
  • Brand Awareness in Los Angeles with hosting events for 8 yrs
  • A/V Studio Design for Live Interactive Web Streaming
  • Groove Temple Trademark

We know exactly how we are using your investment &
We are ready to go Right Now!

Below are links to our detailed pro formas and current in hand financial quotes for your reference

1 - Groove Temple Overview 5 Year Moderate Growth Proforma

This Pro-Forma is a master spreadsheet outlining several sub revenue & expense streams funneling from various components our business. We have 2 pro-formas outlining Modest & Moderate growth. This overview ultimately breaks down into several more detailed Pro Formas representing all aspects of the business including Studio, Live Interactive Online Classes, Elixir & Herbal Lounge, Venue Rentals and Events.

We have taken into consideration as many variables as possible that could affect the growth of this business. A major highlight is we have been able to integrate the customer acquisition cost based on accurate assumptions on our digital marketing strategies. Make note of the Accumulated Net Income in 1st Quarter Year 2. This number represents how we derived the projected minimum we are raising in investment startup capital.

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2- Detailed Studio & Online Streaming 5 Year Moderate Growth Proforma

This Pro Forma makes up the core foundation of the business. It outlines the revenue and expense items for our brick and mortar infrastructure integrated with the interactive live web conferencing designed to deliver real time classes on the web. This Pro Forma also integrates customer acquisition costs. These projections are currently the nuts and bolts of our model.

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3 - Quotes & Pro-forma showing how your investment is being used

Please navigate to the link below and you'll find current spreadsheet showing our build out, equipment costs & other related costs to get our venture firing on all cylinders. These estimates are calculated in first quarter 2017.

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Making a difference in world wide health, having fun & financial prosperity is what Groove Temple represents.

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