Practice Self Love

Practice Self Love

Practice Self-Love everyday for 28 days

I have always looked at Self-Love in a positive light. If you don’t Love yourself ~ you can’t possibly fully Love others. It’s always about the space we are coming from. Where is your state of being? The energy of Love is High Vibrational and Powerful! Imagine how much you would get accomplished if you walked around in this powerful space all the time. In order to motivate and make positive changes we need to come from a powerful place!!! We need to be in the energy of Love.

It’s not always natural to be in love with yourself and life. Sometimes you have to work at it … to create it!
If you’re beating yourself up – you’re not Loving yourself! How does your mind talk about your thighs? Is your self critique at work degrading you ? … making you feel less than your full high vibrational self ? Do you walk around with confidence loving yourself or are you judging and not liking parts of yourself. Are you able to really accept and Love who you really are?

This month let’s get into the groove of Loving ourselves and loving our Body Temple. Let us treat ourselves with healthy habits so it’s easier to be in Love. Let us eat foods that nourish our body so we can have good energy and creativity flowing thru us. Let us feed our spirit with breath, meditation and dance. You know that feeling of being in love with a person? … Tap into how that feels in your heart and apply that feeling to yourself and your life!
What are your favorite qualities about yourself? Be aware and grateful for your favorite qualities about yourself.

Ways to activate your Self Love:

1. Honor yourself and who you are, don’t try to be like someone else - celebrate your unique magnificence!
2. Indulge in something that makes you feel good, something that brings you to a peaceful state of being. Perhaps a bubble bath, a meditation, a massage or a stroll along the beach.
3. Indulge in something fun or exciting: Perhaps a night out dancing, try a new recipe or take a hike in the mountains.
4. Treat yourself to food that is super tasty and rich in nutrients.
5. Treat your body temple to some form of movement that works for you.
6. Resist the temptation to judge yourself and accept wherever you are at in each moment and then recognize the things you love about yourself.
7. Self Love is a very important component to manifesting the life you wanna live. Love your whole self everyday – at least for the next 28 days and see the magic unfold!

Wishing you an abundance of Love all month long!

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