Practice Non-Judgment and Acceptance Every Day

Practice Non-Judgment and Acceptance Every Day

Judgment is draining.  It weakens our power.   Whether we’re judging ourselves, others or things that occur – it does not add positive energy to our life – it puts up walls and blocks the natural flow of energy.

If we want to be HAPPIER AND MAKE POSITIVE CHANGES IN OUR LIVES - ACCEPTANCE is a much better platform to come from.

So instead of judging ourselves, beating ourselves up and being a perfectionist, this month we’re practicing simply accepting where we are at and the way we are in each moment.   Let’s take 28 days to show ourselves love and acceptance.   How we’re feeling about ourselves greatly affects the space we’re in.  When we love ourselves we can’t help but come from a great space.

Instead of judging others, I’m suggesting we give others the space to be who they are and to be where they are at in each moment.  That means we let go of judgment in every way, shape and form.  We let go of judging on how a person dresses, what kind of music they like, what they look like, how they handle their relationships, what kind of food they eat, how they discipline their kids, how they live their life.  Every person is on their own journey and their soul needs to go thru certain things to grow, so let’s allow them to be on their own journey and grow and develop in their own unique way.

Instead of measuring things as good or bad, right or wrong, better or worse, let go of the need to measure and judge things that occur.  For the next 28 days, let’s simply observe, accept and be in each moment.

The space we are in NOW - is essentially the platform we are creating our future from.  We want to create our future from a GREAT SPACE, right?   This is how we create our best future possible.  When we’re in a space of acceptance and happiness and loving ourselves - we’re feeling good and have the energy and power to pursue and achieve what we want.   When we’re judging ourselves and not accepting ourselves - we’re certainly not feeling good about ourselves - and that zaps our focus and power.

Just because there are things you may want to change about yourself, doesn’t necessarily mean that aspect of you is “wrong” or “bad”.  It’s just not what you want to be.  There’s a difference.  So instead of judging that part of you, if you just accept that that is were you are at right now - it puts you in a better space to create, improve and change yourself in the future.

“Accept” means to receive with consent.  I also believe acceptance is another form of love.  If we judge something about ourselves as wrong, we’re implying that we have to be a certain way before we can love ourselves.    When we really love someone, we accept things about them - that we may not necessarily like, but we love them - so we accept them for who they are.  This happens with our children, our significant other or even our friends.  With our children, we love them thru thick and thin and guide them to grow in a positive direction.  We can do this same thing with ourselves and thru this self loving nurturing action we will grow in a positive direction as well.

If you have trouble remembering to let go of judgment and accept this month – try putting a ribbon around your wrist with the words judge less ~ accept more.   Good Luck and Enjoy !!!!

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