Practice Deep Breathing everyday for 28 days

Practice Deep Breathing everyday for 28 days

Practice deep breathing everyday for 28 days …

Our breath is a very powerful tool and can be used to better our health, yet most people are completely unaware of how they usually breathe. How often, if at all, do you take a random moment to observe your breath? You may find you don’t breathe as deep and efficiently as you thought. In fact, most people are shallow breathers, which can contribute to tension and anxiety. In addition to the fact that our bodies need oxygen to function properly, which we get through our breath, good deep breathing can relax and energize us and be used to manage our stress.

"Practicing regular, mindful breathing can be calming and energizing and can even help with stress-related health problems ranging from panic attacks to digestive disorders." ~ Andrew Weil, M.D.

The good news is, we can control and regulate our breathing thru conscious effort. Those of us who do cardiovascular exercise have an advantage, since this type of exercising forces us to breathe deeper and heavier, while increasing the oxygen carrying capacity of our lungs. So getting in shape is an additional route to healthier deeper breathing and something I always recommend for general health.

For the purposes of our 28 day groove this month, I suggest incorporating the following two practices into your lifestyle for the next 28 days:

1. First let’s become more aware of the way we are breathing on a regular basis, and
when we catch ourselves breathing shallow, shift into deeper breathing. So
throughout the day, as often as you think about it, notice your breath and make
changes accordingly. If you need to put some reminder notes around your house,
in your car or at work to get you in the habit of checking your breath - do so.
We are working on creating the habit of becoming aware of your breath - so do
whatever it takes to help you remember.

2. Practice the following “Complete Breathe” exercise twice a day. I like to start
my day with this before getting out of bed. My body is super relaxed and it's
easy to draw in a good amount of air with a relaxed state of being. I like to do
my second "Complete Breath Exercise" in the afternoon before I meditate to get
me unto a relaxed state. Pick 2 times during the day/night that makes sense for
your lifestyle.

The Complete Breath Exercise:
1. Lie on your back or sit with a straight back. (on your back is the easiest
position to start with - as you become more efficient with your breathing you may
be able to do this in a seated position)
2. Breathe deeply into your belly allowing your belly to expand with your breath.
Then exhale all of your breath out before you breathe in again. Repeat 5 x
3. Breathe in thru your nose into your rib cage, allowing your rib cage to expand
with your breath.
Then exhale all of your breath out before you breathe in again. Repeat 5 x
4. Combine the above: First bring as much air into your belly as you can, then
continuing to breathe in fill your rib cage with air. Filling your body with
the maximum amount of air possible. Then exhale all of your breath out before
you breathe in again. Repeat 5 x

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