Practice Ahisma

Practice Ahisma

Practice Ahimsa (The Yama for non-violence and embracing kindness, friendliness and thoughtful consideration) everyday for 28 days. Ahimsa literally means to not injure or be cruel to any person or anything in any way whatsoever. Many people think of violence as physical violence, or even the violent nature of an argument. For the practice of Ahimsa, we dive into non-violence much deeper. Ahimsa deals with the very nature of your thoughts, your words and even your vibration. How do you show up energetically? Do people enjoy being around you? Do people benefit from your energy, or does your energy drain others. Are you competitive, judgmental or impatient with yourself or others? Look at the way you treat the people closest to you. Are you patient, kind and nurturing with the people that are closest to you? Or do you dump your stress, baggage or irritation on them with a negative tone in your voice? Do you blame others when you are not feeling good yourself? Ahimsa is the absence or completely abstaining from all this violence or negative energy and the practice of patience, kindness, compassion and friendliness. Are you patient, kind and nurturing with yourself? Or do you set unrealistic goals for yourself, beat yourself up or continually judge yourself? [clear]

Just like you can only love others once you have learned to love yourself … when you are patient, kind and nurturing to yourself it is easier to treat others with compassion, friendliness and thoughtful consideration. It’s also a lot easier to practice this when we feel good. So here are some things we can do to help ourselves feel better and practice Ahimsa… feel free to try these or make up your own. It is all about being kind, friendly, nurturing and thoughtful in the way you think, speak and energetically show up.
1. Monitor your thoughts and words about yourself and others.
2. Take good care of yourself, by exercising, eating healthy food and getting plenty of rest so
that you come from an energetic space.
3. Notice the way you speak to others, if you have to ~ pretend to put on “kind” lipstick before
you speak.
4. Watch your caffeine intake ~ notice if it makes you irritable and cut down or eliminate.
5. Be True to yourself … learn to say NO and don’t accept things that you know will stress you
out or create havock in your life.
6. Strive for balance in your life

Ahimsa is one of the Yamas, which is one of the 8 limbs or steps to Yoga. Yamas are abstentions - in which we practice abstaining. You are all on your own path and must work at your own pace. Do the best you can and as always ~ appreciate the process.
Namaste my friends,

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