Monitor Your State of Being

Monitor Your State of Being

Monitor your state of being everyday and make necessary changes ….[clear]

Your state of being is where you are at physically, mentally and emotionally in a given moment - your disposition. Most people run around in stressed out states and wonder why their life is so difficult. When your mind is busy or your body is holding on to tension or you are emotionally distraught, you are out of alignment ~ with yourself and all things. A stressed state of being is not in divine harmony or in the field of all potentiality. Stress is also the number one root cause of all major diseases and dis-ease in our systems. When you break it all down, your body is a field of energy that is suppose to flow freely and be connected to all things. When your mind and/or body is tense, the energy does not flow freely and you block your health and harmony. When your state of being is relaxed, you’re more open and connected and experience better health and more harmony in your life. [clear]

Homeostasis - is defined as the tendency toward a relatively stable equilibrium between interdependent elements, esp. as maintained by physiological processes. To prevent disease and create harmony in our system we are always striving for homeostasis. By monitoring our state of being and taking the necessary actions to relax and rebalance we create homeostasis in our being. [clear]

The first step is to become more aware of your state of being on a regular basis. Some of you are very self aware and may be able to simply tune in for a few seconds and figure out where you’re at. Others may have to work a little harder at becoming more aware of their state of being. [clear]

Here are some steps to take to become more aware of where you are at in your state of being... [clear]

1. Close your eyes[clear]
2. Bring your attention to each area of your body one at a time. Notice if there is any tension, tightness or gripping in each area one at a time. Pay particular attention to your hips, feet, hands, upper back, shoulders, jaw, and forehead. [clear]
3. Bring your attention to your mind - are you able to quiet your mind? - or is there a constant stream of thoughts floating around in your consciousness?[clear]
4. Bring your attention to your breath. Is your breath deep and calm? Does your rib cage and belly expand easily and naturally with your breath? or is your breath shallow and constricted ?

Here are a few things you can try to calm your state of being … [clear]
Try one of the following at a time and if you need to combine 2 different activities for deeper relaxation and a more calm state of being - go for it![clear]

1. STRETCH and BREATHE. The act of stretching relaxes your body and your being. Focus into your body as you’re stretching and weave your breath thru the movements to get maximum relaxation benefits. As you stretch create more space for your breath in your body.[clear]
2. TIGHTEN and RELEASE. To relax those areas that are tight or gripping - Take a deep breath and then on the exhale tighten those muscles on purpose, continuing to squeeze those muscles as tight as you can while you exhale. Then relax your muscles and breathe normally and see if the tension has gone away. Repeat a few more times if needed. [clear]
3. BREATH-WORK. There are many different breath techniques or “pranayama”, the disciple of breathing. For example, in Underground Yoga™ we have 7 different breath techniques for cleansing, nourishing and relaxation. For relaxation of your state of being this month, I suggest the Breath of Fire: (Agni Prasana) A very cleansing and Energizing breath technique using the diaphragm muscles. This technique will charge the nervous system and cause the glands to secrete and purify the blood. You can make the Breath of Fire very powerful or very light. A great way to start the Breath of Fire is to breathe deeply using the diaphragm muscle to pull the air in and then exhale pushing every last bit of air out by contracting the abdominals. Each time you breathe in try to relax the ribs and stomach to create more space for the air - so essentially the breath is expanding and stretching the interior walls of the abdomen and rib cage. Once you feel stretched and open for the complete breath, begin expanding and contracting a bit quicker and develop a rhythm inhaling and exhaling for the same amount of time. Think of a fireplace bellow, bringing the air in and pushing it out evenly. Once you have developed a rhythm, you can let the rhythm take over so that your Breath of Fire happens with little effort for a lighter breath of fire, or you can continue the use of your diaphragm for a more masculine and powerful breath. Practice this for either 3 min or 7 min or 11 min for maximum results. [clear]

By monitoring your state of being everyday, you will reduce the harmful effects of stress on your body and put yourself in better health and harmony. Good luck !!! Feel free to ask questions or comment below. [clear]

Namaste 🙂

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