Mid-Life Blossoming

Mid-Life Blossoming

Mid-Life Blossoming …

I believe some people call it the mid-life crisis… and I can see why.  It seems to occur somewhere midway  thru your life. It’s a time in your life where you find yourself completely questioning your existence… questioning whether you’re fulfilling your purpose … questioning whether you’re on the right path.  Many different things can bring it on, but it’s really something that occurs naturally in most of our journeys.   So why not embrace it and look at it for all the fruit it bears on the other side.  This is why I like to call it mid-life blossoming!!!

A time for renewal  …  a few years ago I felt like I had done everything I could do in my field  … and being the taurian that I am - I was a bit bored.  I had needed a change & a challenge for a little while, but hadn’t done anything to make that happen.  Then at 46 years old my x-boyfriend and best friend at the time died.   I had never felt such deep pain – never ever - in my entire life!  My existence was numb for a while.  It seemed as tho nothing was important except being around family and friends.  I decided to stop everything I was doing work-wise for 6 months – I had worked since I was 12 years old without ever taking that long of a break.  This tragedy made me realize I needed a break.  For the first time in my life I felt it was ok to take a break.  I needed to discover what was most important.  So I chose to play, bask in the beautiful support of others and go within to be guided to my next adventure.  I knew this was the turning point in my life.  My life was comfortable and safe, I was doing good things, but it was time to shift gears – do something completely different … something that would positively affect millions of people … It was time to take that quantum leap of faith and completely follow my heart.

For some reason I knew this was exactly what I needed to grow into my full expression of myself.  I wanted success on another level … I wanted to make such a profound difference in so many peoples lives that it would raise the vibration on the planet!

Sound crazy?  I think by helping millions of people  become healthier and happier we can actually raise the collective vibration – YES – I do believe this!  It’s all about being Happy ☺ So shut up and Dance !  Move your body … Free your soul!   and if you’re not into dance, that’s ok – find your own way… unleash your own spirits dance … ride, hike, jacuzzi, kiss – find what makes you happy and do it often!

That’s what groovetemple is all about.  This is one of the major things that is coming out of my midlife blossoming …  And it’s still blossoming …  It’s been 2 and a half years and I’m still going thru it …. But I’m much more clear …. My new dreams are more vivid and my direction feels good.☺   I have to be honest tho – it didn’t always feel good … as I said – there is a reason people have called this wonderful time in our lives – the mid life crisis!  My advice is …  be patient with yourself.  It’s a process that can’t really be sped up.    And come on guys … don’t get depressed about gaining weight and getting older …  This is a beautiful time in our life … We are wiser and more equipped to create a better life for ourselves and others!    This is a time to Re-Evaluate … Re-Charge … and Re-Ignite our spark for Life!!!

Stay tuned for part 2 in Mid-Life Blossoming ….

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  • Michelle, this is right where I’m at. I thought it was just Mercury retrograde and then when Mercury retrograde was over and my motivation hadn’t come back, I started to panic. That’s when I started my beginner hip hop class and bought your workout video. Every part of my body had a different opinion of dancing. My neck was saying, “Now . . . why are we doing this?” My hips were saying, “YES YES YES! FINALLY!” Dance has pulled me out of that funk and given me incredible motivation to clean up my diet. I feel great. Thank you for being a part of it!

  • Hahahahaha …. that’s something I would do …. I’ve blamed Mercury in retrograde for things in the past – sometimes it applies – and sometimes it doesn’t, right? So glad Dance is helping pull you out of the funk. Dance has always been my greatest healing tool :-). I would also encourage you to really have patience with yourself and just keep listening to your intuition… I bet there’s more blossoming to come for you …. it seems to come in stages for me. I just took part in producing a Dance music album – I did drums, vocals, flute and finger piano …. something I never would have imagined myself doing 5 years ago. Good luck on your journey Holly…. keep me posted … I’d love to hear how you’re doing 🙂

  • I can remember, Michelle, when I was in 5th and 6th grades, in Gym class, when you just knew that this day would be different. The wall that separated the boys and girls had been opened and there was a record player sitting on a card table, and our Gym teacher gave us the “eye”, almost smirking, as we boys bunched in a group, whispering what was going on. But most of us figured it out, before the girls marched in a line into the gym. The girls Gym teacher coming over to our teacher and looking at him as adults would do. The girls got into a line, and we were told to do the same. As you looked across the floor, naturally you hoped that somehow you would be paired with “the girl”. For the life in me, I forgot how we ended up together, but I think it has something to do with height. Even though we had never been given any instructions on how to dance, somehow it turned out alright.
    Midlife happens just like that. Your space has changed. The room is different.
    Groove Temple is the music and the dance that have come from your existence. You had to take a leap of faith. And guess what…look what happened when you crossed that floor. We all learned our spirits could dance. Thank You.

  • Oh Jim … that is so beautifully put. I love the visual of just crossing that floor and learning our spirits can dance. It’s like walking thru the wall of fear and finding out – it wasn’t so hard afterall. If we could just keep reminding ourselves of our childhoods, it seems to make things a bit easier. Thank you !!!

  • This is a beautiful way of letting people know we all need to take time to ourselves and relax, we are not energizer bunnies and we must know that, and life will have a way of showing us this and i think you did amazing way of letting us all know! Take time as the best things in life might pass you by and you may never know it until its gone!

    Love it and love you

  • Yes life is all about balance and when we do not have that in our lives well they come off path, I am a true believer and still trying to figure out my balance in life, but as it is said if we don’t learn and take that time the best things in life might pass us and we may never know! So we all must take that time and do it for ourselves and I appreciate this way of letting us know its very important, and its just not midlife, its life in general! We must be aware at all times and learn to take it as it comes, but never not continue to go after our dreams and goals!

  • Great that you pointed that out Sandee – sooooooo important to take time to ourselves and relax – most people don’t. And BALANCE too … that is something that we all have to work on constantly. Sometimes I’m in and sometimes I’m out of Balance. It’s a continuous journey … and it’s definitely more fun and meaningful with friends like you 🙂

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