Mid-Life Blossoming – Part 2

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Mid-Life Blossoming – Part 2


Hmmmm …. This is a very Interesting time in my life. I know I’m on the brink of something amazing! Yet times are tough and I seem to be shifting in and out faith. Last week I felt great! I was in complete acceptance of “the process”. I could see why we needed all this extra time for the development of my current business. I saw clearly that our original goals were way too ambitious. And it was easy for me to look at the progress we’ve made and be happy about that alone.

Fast forward to this week ….. ugh! I’ve been frustrated! Shouldn’t my business be off the ground by now? Shouldn’t I be blossoming by now? All the seeds I’ve planted, all the work I’ve done, all the creating and discovering … Why have I not manifested my dreams yet? Why do I feel like they’re so far away right now? What do I need to do to make this happen quicker? I’m clear … I know exactly what I want to create – why is it taking so long? Whew …. Stop … Breathe deep …. Take a chill pill …. Time to take a break from thinking! One thing I have learned over the years, if my stress level starts to rise up, and I’m not feeling peaceful and patient – I need to change the space I’m in … Yes, there may be good reason for the stress I’m under … but I still need to take responsibility for my own state of being. It’s time to go within. So I get a pen, a pad of paper and my Runes and sit down on a soft blanket on top of my tutami mat. In case you don’t know about Runes – they are a fabulous way to get some great guidance in your own self-work ... a means of communication with the knowledge of our subconscious minds.

I get into a relaxed position and close my eyes and ask god and the universe to reveal anything I need to know. After a while, visions pop into my head about natural occurrences that I had throughout the day that nearly went unnoticed. Small occurrences that gave me bits of knowledge that will help me along the way … self-improvement happening naturally, how nice ☺ As Dr. Tim often says, “knowledge is power”!!! Hmmmm … I temporarily forgot to be grateful for the little things that are quietly adding power to my being. So I pick up my pen and start writing about those things that that I am grateful for. Almost immediately I feel more relaxed and happy. I close my eyes again and relax into my heart space and ask to be guided to a Rune that will mirror my subconscious process. I pull Ehwaz, the Rune of transition and movement. For me this Rune stands for gradual development and steady progress, which definitely makes me feel like I’m in the right place. I know I can’t rush things, there is a natural harmony and divine order in the universe, so why not just be ok with the process.

As I read on, another concept sticks out for me … “As I cultivate my own nature all else follows”. This is really key in mid-life blossoming for me, because I feel as though I have stripped away a lot of what defined me in the past so that I can really create from a clean canvas. Not that my old ways were bad- I just don’t want to be influenced too much by what I’ve already done. This is how I was able to come up with my new dance technique, Groove Seven. I had to stop teaching for a while to let go of my “habits” and “ways” of creating and teaching. It took about a year and a half of not teaching before the new technique began flowing through me. I am still in the developmental stages, but the outline is set … the concepts are solid … now I just have to put the time in to building it. This is one of my projects that I feel will last through the second half of my life. And basically that is what my mid-life blossoming is all about. I am creating and developing new possibilities that will carry me through the second half of my life. Wow – when I look at it that way I’m ok with taking a good amount of time to create things that are worthwhile. And of course it will always be a process. I’m not looking for a means to an end. I bless my journey and I’m grateful to be back in acceptance of where I am!!! And that’s the dance I took this time to get back into a good space. Using the tools of meditation, journaling and Runes have helped me return to my power …. Thank you for joining me on my mid-life blossoming journey ☺

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