Meditations that calm your mind and state of being, connect you to your center, and put you in harmony with all things

Next Level Meditations

Meditation and Sound Therapy is medicine that brings peace to your physiology, and is the bridge to infinite potentiality. We are here to guide you, and take you every step of the way. We have over 40 years of research and experience with meditation and visualization. We have curated and developed a wide variety of meditations designed to optimize all different areas of your life.

Experience Mood Rich Benefits

  • Let Go of Worry & Anxiety

    Open up to a more Expansive and Positive Way of Being

  • Be More Calm and Peaceful

    Experience more creativity and an increase in productivity

  • Increase your Mental Focus & Clarity

    Maximize your ability to concentrate and feel more Resourceful and Optimistic

  • Become more Present and Aware

    Access your most Powerful Authentic Self more consistently

  • Feel a greater sense of ease in your body

    Learn how to use your breath and specific relaxation techniques to calm your state of being

  • Say goodbye to uncomfortable Tension

    Feel more peaceful and open throughout your entire body

  • Harmonize your Life

    Connect with the Unified Field of Energy and your life becomes more harmonious … effortlessly

  • Wake up your Senses

    Delight in a more Delicious and Profound Reality

Check out what Stephen has to say about Master Instructor & Program Director Michelle LeMay's Underground Yoga Class - One of our YogaRx classes.

Special Features

  • High Quality Audio

    Engineered to activate specific areas of consciousness such as intuition, inner vision and creativity.

  • Specially Created Introspective Music

    Coinciding with the theme of each particular meditation

  • Unique guided Movement Meditations

    Intentionally moving towards a specific result, while enjoying delicious movement

More Goodness

  • Specific Meditations to Awaken your Energy Centers

    Balancing and opening your chakras

  • Guided Visualizations for Manifestation

    Helping you focus on what you want to create in your life.

  • Nurturing Sound Baths

    that Heal on a subtle level

Harmonizing your Optimal Human Experience

You are Calm, Clear and Relaxed, Strongly Connected to your Spiritual Nature

Some of our classes

  • Connect (a Morning Ritual)

    Start your day connected to your heart and your higher self so you begin the day on a positive tip in harmony with the universe

  • Decompress (an Evening Ritual)

    Great way to rebalance at the end of the day, to ensure a restorative sleep and a powerful time to plant seeds for an AMAZING day to follow

Fun! Fun!

  • Movement Meditation

    Get out of your head and into your body, opening all the lines of communication in your being, igniting energy and creativity to flow thru you freely

  • Manifestation Vocal Meditation

    Energetically align with your deepest desires thru guided vocalizations that have the power to manifest

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