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YOU have arrived here for a reason ...

You’re ready to take your lifestyle to the next level ...

It’s happening now … and you’re on board!

You are currently on the path to integrating your Optimal Human Experience …

And by the end of this blog, you will receive a 360 degree bird's eye view on what this looks like.

So, you may be curious— what is the Optimal Human Experience? And why would you want to live it?

I’ll get to that in a bit...

First I want you to know…when living an Optimal Human Experience (OHE):

  • You find yourself connected to your mind body and spirit

  • You live a life that is full of all of the things you love

  • You’re AWAKE

  • You feel alive in your body, with a strong sense of vitality

  • You’re tapped into natural medicine that creates ease in your body

  • Your mind is sharp and aware

  • You embrace and express from your true spiritual nature

  • The energy of Love flows thru you consistently and effortlessly

  • Your body feels good

  • It’s easy for you to relax

  • Your mind is clear and creative

  • You live life with passion and ON purpose!

  • You enjoy a lifestyle full of Health and Wellness practices

  • You happily engage in different types of exercise on a daily basis

We often refer to living the Optimal Human Experience as an organic algorithm of specially integrated healthy lifestyle and wellness practices that positively feed your mind, body and spirit on a daily basis. When these three main aspects of your being are optimized, your life comes together in a most harmonious way.


Then shift your Luminous Lamborghini Lifestyle into gear …
And instead of holding on tight …
Let go, be free and enjoy the ride!

Wellness Graphic Showing How It Feels To Live The Optimal Human Experience

For some of you, many aspects of your life may already be flowing smoothly…You’re riding the wave and vibrating high in certain areas of your existence. These are the parts of your life that are working really well right now. Congratulations on that!

Take a moment to think about those areas of your life that are going great and allow yourself to be grateful for a moment. The moment you shift into gratitude— your state changes— you elevate your vibration (This is one of those little secrets you can do regularly to keep your vibes high!).

On the other hand, parts of your path may still be bumpy or out of balance.

This is where techniques, tools and daily practices converge to align your mind, body and soul and point you in the right direction. Ultimately, leaving you in a space of all around happiness, harmony and fulfillment.

Now, to answer the question: Why do you want to live an Optimal Human Experience?

This FUN chart gives you an idea of how you may feel Before and After you've begun living your Optimal Human Experience

Wellness & Vitality Before and After Chart Groove Temple TV

As you can see above, by living your OHE, you’ll feel great in all areas of life while vibrating high!!!

And Here Is Some Good News: While on your journey you’ll tap into the miracle medicine of the millennium for pain relief, stress, depression and optimal Health.

Now, I’m gonna let you in on a little secret …

YOU have access to the perfect vehicle for the Optimal Human Experience.
Where healthy lifestyle is a Tao of life.
Tao meaning a way of life that is in harmony with the natural order.
Where you possess a heightened sixth sense - that puts you in flow.
It’s a connection. It’s a mindset. It’s an embodiment.
It’s a way of being that produces consistent outstanding results.
A way that leaves you balanced, happy, healthy and passionate!

Your Optimized Organic Algorithm begins with 3 ACTIONS that you can engage in for the rest of your life, continuously taking your lifestyle to the next level.





The modalities that help create your Organic Algorithm that allows you to CONNECT CULTIVATE ACTIVATE your Mind, Body & Spirit are:


Groove Temple Integration of Yoga, Dance, Fitness & Meditation

Now … Listen carefully to what I’m about to say …

Your Organic Algorithm is a special integration I’ve developed with these modalities that you live on a daily basis.

Get motivated and learn the exact formula on how to consistently live a Healthy Lifestyle every single day.
Feel Amazing, Boost Your Energy, Relieve Your Stress, Elevate Your Mood


Now Let's Break It Down!


First and foremost, you must Connect!

Whether it’s connecting to a body part, your consciousness, your heart, your energy centers, etc … You can not cultivate the relationship or activate that part of your being until you have connected. As you continue to connect regularly, your connection becomes more profound and you develop a relationship with that aspect of yourself. The greater the relationship, the easier it becomes to activate those parts of your being and at their highest potential. Make sense?

When you’re connected to your physical body ~

you have more power and control of your health, wellness & vitality and the way you move and groove thru life.

When you’re mentally connected ~

you know what’s rolling around in your conscious and subconscious mind. Your heightened awareness creates a platform of self knowledge and understanding that gives you the seeds to grow in the right direction.

When you’re spiritually connected ~

you stand in your authentic power and honor your true self. You are in alignment with your highest expression of yourself and in harmony with all living things.


It is the continuous act of connecting that actually cultivates your relationship with the different aspects of yourself.

When you open, strengthen and energize your physical being you cultivate an instrument (your body) that is able to do all the things you LOVE to do.

When you cultivate your mental acuity you are powerful, resourceful and productive and can literally point your life in the direction you want to go thru the power of your thoughts and words.

When you nurture your spiritual being you fertilize your intuition, your vision, your passion, your vibration and your self-expression … aligning your most powerful authentic self with your dreams.


When you are at the point where you have already been connecting regularly, therefore, you’ve cultivated a relationship with an aspect of your being...activating and expressing from that part of yourself is easier and becomes even more natural with practice. The more often you are activating a particular part of your being - the greater the potential of that part of you.

When you are activating your physical being and Physically Engaging in the things you love to do - you are Optimizing your Organic Algorithm.

When you actively choose your purposeful thoughts and words, you are Mentally Creating your life by design and Optimizing your Organic Algorithm.

When you allow your Spiritual Nature to Shine thru you, you are activating your spirit and Optimizing your Organic Algorithm.

It's important to understand the role of connecting, cultivating and activating your mind body and spirit because many people try to activate before they are connected and before they have developed a relationship with those parts of themselves and consequently get poor or rollercoaster results.

So let’s dive a little bit deeper into the Physical, Mental and Spiritual Aspects... hopefully this provokes some curiosity on your end… wink wink

Nourish Your Physicality

When you go for a hike up a beautiful mountain or take a swim in the ocean or groove your body to one of your favorite tunes, you rely on your physical body to take you through these actions.

What do YOU enjoy doing?

Are you able to do the activities that you love with energy and enthusiasm?

Or does your body limitations restrict your adventures in life?

Would you like to go skiing or paddle boarding, but afraid you don’t have the physical strength or balance?

Or perhaps you would just like to feel good, with no pain, and have sustainable energy all day long without loading up on caffeine.

Or maybe you would like to have plenty of strength to carry your children with ease.



Your physicality is your physical body and the way it functions.
Your body is an amazing machine and will function perfectly for you,
as long as you give it what it needs.

This is a very important concept … and it starts by making choices that honor your Body Temple and the Planet.

So start asking yourself questions like:

Do I feel good in my body?

Do I feel Strong?

Do I have enough Energy?

Am I as Flexible as I want to be?

If you answered no to any of the questions above, your running the risk of your physicality stalling and your Fountain of Youth running dry! When you’re ready, I’ll share with you how to hack your internal clock to slow down the aging process on a cellular level.

How Do Our Modalities Play With Your Physicality?

  • Fitness gets your heart pumping, strengthening your cardiovascular system, nourishing every cell in your being with oxygen and blood nutrients.

  • Yoga weaves your breath, focus, strength and flexibility creating balance in your physicality.

  • Meditation connects you with your breath and takes you out of your head and into your body … creating deeper awareness of your physicality.

  • Dance frees your body and wiggles your hips, making you feel good in your physiology.

    And you’ll soon come to learn, in our continued discussions, the vital element that transforms dance into an energy and endorphin producing machine.

Engage Your Positive Mind Set

Do you have any idea how powerful you are?

Do you realize your thoughts, words, actions and vibration creates your life and how you exist in this world?

What if you recorded every thought and every conversation you had and played it back at the end of each day…

What are the dominant thoughts that come through you?

What type of words are rolling off your tongue the most?

Are they pointing you in a positive direction of happiness, freedom, abundance and love?

Or do your dominant thoughts or speech point you in a less desirable direction?

(for example through worry, doubt, fear or even insecurities)

Based on what is showing up in your life,

what would you say is rolling around in your consciousness?

In other words, what are you focusing on the most, either intentionally or unintentionally?

Would you say your thoughts are in alignment with your dreams and desires?

Or could you use a little work in this department to create something different?

Woman Thinking About Living The Optimal Human Experience

The universal law of cause and effect is working every second of the day, whether you’re conscious of it or not. Your thoughts are at the base of cause-that have effects!

This is why your mental awareness is so important … so key … in the manifestation of your desires. Starting to get the picture?

Now, for another golden nugget of information ~
20% of your mind is conscious, while 80% is subconscious …
So guess who’s running the show …

In my 50 plus years of living on this earthly playground, I’ve tried many practices to evolve to my highest mental capacity and expression. In this area, I’ve found Yoga and Meditation with evolved NLP techniques render the most outstanding results.

Align Your With Your Spiritual Nature

What are you passionate about?

What stirs your soul and makes you feel alive?

What inspires you?

Inspire comes from the words “in spirit.”

When you are inspired, you are connecting and expressing from your spirit!

Do you recognize when you are expressing from your true spiritual nature?

Spiritual connection is really about remembering who you are.

We are spiritual beings in human form.

To connect with our spiritual essence is to come back home—to unwrap and unravel all the titles, labels and accomplishments and embrace our pure naked self.

To know that part of our self which is Pure Love.
This is our true essential nature ~ our spirit.
This is our most powerful aspect of our being…
It is absolute - unchanging - unwavering …

It comes out naturally when we’re enjoying life, when we’re in harmony with others and the Planet, and when we’re in a space of love. What some people don’t realize is that we can engage in practices that intentionally connect us to our spirit and ignite our spirit to shine thru us.

Yoga, Dance and Meditation are the main modalities I turn to when I am thirsting to connect, nourish and ignite my Spirit.

  • Yoga means to yoke the mind, body and spirit and is designed to help you discover your true nature, your true self.

  • When you Dance, your spirit is freed to express. It is definitely a time your spirit comes out to play.

  • Meditation accomplishes connection in other ways, drawing your attention inward, connecting with your heart space, your inner power, your highest self. And you can also combine sonic vibration and meditation to recharge your system while reducing stress and increase productivity.

At this point, you’re probably starting to feel a bit clued in and wondering, what does integrating the OHE look like?

It’s about the integration of different practices and techniques that ultimately Optimize your Mind, Body and Spirit. Don’t worry about details yet, right now, it's important to understand the big picture. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to dig deeper.

Drum roll please …

Groove Temple Wellness Model
Get motivated and learn the exact formula on how to consistently live a Healthy Lifestyle every single day.
Feel Amazing, Boost Your Energy, Relieve Your Stress, Elevate Your Mood


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