Journaling … Interior Dusting

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Journaling … Interior Dusting

What’s so great about journaling ? For me, I like the way it clears my mind and opens the space for the creative juices to flow freely. I call it “Interior Dusting”… Dusting the old brain. You can start by asking yourself, “is there anything weighing heavy on my mind? Is there anything that plays over and over again in my mind that is not peaceful or positive? Then write whatever comes to your mind from there. Don’t sensor it and don’t try to put it in perfectly grammatical sentences. Just write down whatever comes to your mind. What are your concerns ? What are you not confident about? Write it – get it out on paper …. so you no longer have to carry that heavy weight around. Breathe deeply as you write about anything stressful. Then recognize and remember – this is not who you are – this is simply a part of your experience …. Rise above and observe yourself. How are you handling it? With ease and grace? Or are you sinking into it and allowing every part of your body to be stressed about your issues or concerns.

This is not to say don’t feel your feelings. It’s important to honor your feelings – it’s not good to ignore them …. But you also do not want to get caught in a downward stream without a paddle or motor to get you out. You can use journaling to bring up your feelings, deal with them and rise above them… start by writing about them, allow yourself to feel them, cry if you need to, ask yourself questions in your writing like – “why am I feeling this way?”, or “do I have an insecurity that is feeding this?” Once you’ve processed feelings by continuing to ask yourself questions and allowing yourself to feel the pain … then bring yourself up out of them by imposing other questions, such as, “what can I do to improve or change these issues?” or “what can I do to empower myself or feel better?” Again – literally process thru asking yourself these types of questions thru your writing and answering those questions in your writing … kind of like being your own therapist on paper …. Oftentimes the processing alone will help you feel better, and then positive, creative and productive thoughts will start flowing out onto your paper. It’s a bit of work, but it works !!! Trust me – you’ll learn about yourself, feel lighter and more powerful and have a better idea of how to proceed in your life.

One more thing …. You can always throw out your journaling – so don’t be afraid to write what you need to write – clear that clutter so the good stuff can flow thru :-).

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