Journal your way to Positive Creative Thinking


Journal your way to Positive Creative Thinking

Journal your way to Positive Creative Thinking.
Our minds are amazing !!!! We can use our minds to create many wonderful things. On the flip side, we can mis-use our minds and think about unnecessary negative things - things that don’t really point us in a positive direction. Sometimes this type of thinking creates a stressful environment in our consciousness and creativity does not flow freely. It can also get in the way of our natural harmony. Think about what usually rolls around in that head of yours. Are undesirable thoughts taking up space in your consciousness? Some people call this “stinkin thinkin”, others say their mind is attacking them and it can also be described as not being focused on what’s important. Whatever it is – it’s not productive, but don’t beat yourself up about this. This is part of the human condition and there are ways to redirect your mind into peacefully powerful thinking.

How do we stop thinking about pointless or negative things ? How do we start thinking about the beautiful things we want to create? One great way is to get in the habit of journaling. This month’s 28 day groove is all about clearing the clutter in our consciousness and pointing ourselves in a positive direction everyday. For this purpose, I recommend 3 steps: 1. Write everything that is on the front of your mind. Just dump it all on the paper. It doesn’t matter if it sounds stupid to you or if it doesn’t make sense – just drain your brain of everything occupying the forefront of your consciousness. 2. After you feel there is nothing else to get rid of, ask, “what is most important for me to be focusing on right now? And let your pen do the talking. You may be surprised at what comes out after you’ve cleared your consciousness and created some nice space to work in. 3. If anything else comes up – write it down. You may get a creative stream of consciousness – take advantage let it flow! This clears the space for deeper thought and creativity.

I recommend doing this in the morning if your can. You will ignite your day off to a better start with a clean slate to create from. If you’re not accustomed to writing, it may be a bit tough at first, but the more you write the easier it gets and the more creative you become. I would love to hear your feedback. You can leave a comment below or if it’s personal – feel free to send me a private message on my profile page. Good luck!

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    • Awe – thank you Denise. Great to see you on Groove Temple while you’re in Europe. I didn’t think I would be talking to you till you got back :-).

  • Hi Michelle! Great to see you guys have got this up and running. Congrats!

    I go through phases where I do this, then forget. So I’m taking this as my reminder to pick it up again! I do feel much better when doing this, and it’s a great form of therapy. 🙂

  • Hey Nichole – Thanks :-). And happy to have you in the community. I do the same thing with journaling – so it’s a great reminder for me too.

  • Hi Michelle, I too have much more positive energy & productivity when I start my day with some form of inspirational reading and then journaling. I am loving Groove Temple!!

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