Investing in Your Relationships

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Investing in Your Relationships

People that invest money are always hoping to glean a profit. Their goal is to develop more than what they started with and increase their resources. Unfortunately, all we seem to hear about today are investments that have gone bad. For instance, owning your own house used to be an investment, but now many American homeowners are upside down on their mortgages. Investing in the company that you worked for was always a given. Now, many businesses have folded, employees have been laid off and retirement plans have disappeared right along with them. How can we know what to invest in when the economy is so unstable and unsure? Where should we put our time and treasure?

Investing in people will yield the largest profit possible. When we invest in people, our resources are multiplied many times more than in the stock market. People offer ideas, comfort, companionship, friendship, help and hope. What two people can accomplish is more than double what can be accomplished by one. Innovative ideas that develop from a group brainstorm session far exceed the value of any investment portfolio. The comfort and support derived from family, friends and neighbors in times of need far out yields any money market fund.

So, when you are not sure how to spend your money, your time and talent, consider inventing in your relationships – something we can all count on to provide blessings beyond our expectations.

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