Ignite Your Inner Joy Everyday

Ignite Your Inner Joy Everyday

Ignite your JOY from within every day for 28 days

Each and every one of us has the energy of joy within us; however, sometimes we take life too seriously and forget to activate that joy. Sad, but true - some people can go weeks, even months without any laughter or joy. Think about it – when was the last time you had a good laugh? or felt genuinely happy? Not only is this no fun, but it can also be stressful on many levels. The energy of Joy is a quality of the heart that wants to be fully felt and expressed. Holding it in creates restriction and a sense of tightness in our being, which works against an easy going, go with the flow, stress free type nature. Expressing joy is freeing, stress relieving and mood elevating. Joy is a high vibrational quality. Some of us express it more often and more naturally than others. By expressing that joy more often we elevate our state of being and attract better things into our lives.

Those of you that are accustomed to expressing joy regularly will probably be able to turn the switch on and simply BE Joyful. It’s like any muscle – you gotta use it so you don’t lose it and also the more you use it the more you develop it. So those of you that can just turn it on – at least once a day for 28 days turn that switch on and feel and express yourself joyously. Then while you’re feeling and expressing joy, feel how that feels in your heart, and send that joy out thru the rest of your body and as a prayer of joy out into the world.

Those of you who have trouble tapping in to your joy quickly or easily use this tool: Do something that makes you feel joyful or happy at least once a day everyday 28 days. This will be different for everyone. Some of you may feel happiness thru going out in nature – to the beach or to the mountains, others may feel joy thru playing music, or eating a delicious meal. Some of you may enjoy tapping you’re your inner child thru being silly or playing. Some of you may experience joy thru meditation or a nap. I get a lot of joy out of dancing, which is one of the reasons I like to dance everyday if I can. Choose something different each day if you’d like. The object is to be consistent and give your self the gift of feeling and expressing joy every single day for 28 days. Then while you are doing whatever you do to feel the joy, focus into your heart and feel that energy of joy in your heart space, making a mental and physical note on how that feels … how does the joy feel in your heart? Try to remember that feeling for next time. The more you do it the easier it gets to tap in to your joy.

This does not mean that you have to be joyful all day everyday for 28 days. This is more about creating a habit of consistently allowing yourself to do something everyday that brings out your inner joy, so that it becomes more natural and easy to be joyful. As you become more and more joyful on a regular basis, you’ll find you probably won’t need to do anything to ignite that energy anymore – it will be accessible to you just by tapping in to your heart and feeling the joy. That's the magic of the habit !!! Wishing you a JOYFUL month 🙂

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