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Hello Groove Temple

WOW! I am so excited to have all my passions come together in one place where I can share them with the world. Thank you world wide web! Thank you Luis Rosario – for helping to mold this dream and make it come true.

Most of you know I’m nearly 50 … and this website is a reflection of my lifestyle. I am really blessed to have developed a healthy lifestyle over the years and I am super excited to share it. I’m also in love with music and dance to the point where it is a part of my daily life – I’ve chosen that!!!! And I believe making the choices that serve your highest good is key in living a happy lifestyle! I’m hoping this website gives you the framework to create your best lifestyle. We give you the tools so you can make your own choices. We don’t just tell you what to eat– we educate you about food so you can make your own choices. We don’t tell you to rehearse affirmations we have written – we inspire you to write ones that work for you. Groovetemple.tv is about discovering your own true unique magnificence and celebrating that!

This is where I came from: Professionally – groove temple makes complete sense for me. All the various parts of my career are coming together. My background in Television definitely prepared me for this. Besides all the fitness shows I’ve done, some of you probably don’t know – I started out as a Health & Fitness reporter for CBS in Tampa. What a great education that was! I got to interview Doctors, Athletes, Equipment manufacturers, you name it – if it had to do with Health & Fitness – I covered it. While I was in Florida I also landed a great job with Mademoiselle Spa’s and American Fitness Centers, training all of their employees (500 people) on the fitness equipment and in the aerobic studios. Eventually I became their national director training the trainers & aerobic instructors in dozens of cities. Whew - that experience was also amazingly educational and helped shape my knowledge in “different types” of people with “different needs”.

On the flip side – I’ve always been a dancer/choreographer. I was blessed with many choreography gigs with companies like NIKE, Paul Mitchell Systems and Chloe/Karl Lagerfield, but my true passion has been in teaching and creating techniques. In the mid 80’s I won 3 national Aerobics Championships. That put me on a world tour doing Aerobic performances – but something was missing in my heart …. It was dance … once a dancer – always a dancer. So I merged the continuous cardio aspect of aerobics with the style and spirit lifting passion of dance. I traveled the world teaching my new fusion – sometimes feeling alone when people didn’t get it … until later when I discovered I had company – Billy Goodson, Chris Toledo and MaDonna Grimes – were also spreading the FUNK !!!! We pioneered Cardio FUNK/Cardio Hip Hop movement – a class that is now available in every gym and dance studio across the world. My trend setting didn’t stop there. …. Later I was in the forefront of the “Softer Forms of Exercise” movement. About 18 years ago I recognized that people were working out too hard – with nothing to balance it out. Overuse injuries were becoming a common topic of conversation. This is when I developed my stretch technique . The results were so astonishing It became a calling and I wrote a book and did 3 DVD’s and a TV Show with the technique. I use this technique in my everyday life to keep the chi flowing free. I hope you get to benefit from it too ☺

The next 2 trends are being set right now !!! One - The merge of Healthy Lifestyle, Dance , Music and Technology and the second is the use of freestyle dancing as a healing technique, which is exactly what Groove Seven – my freestyle dance Technique is all about. I’m super excited to share these with you.

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  • Wow! You are tremendously accomplished and on top of that, you were significant in helping me walk again after a serious broken leg injury. Not only did you spiritually reform me to the proper frame of mind to recover but you physically gave me therapy that no other therapist that treated me was compassionate to. In my mind, you are a healer. Thank you for your true focused therapy to help me walk again!

    • Denise – you’re welcome. I feel so blessed to be a part if that – thank you for trusting me to restore your leg. I cherish the memory of that first day you walked again – it brings happy tears to my eyes every time I think about it. And you are such an amazing person to work with. Your focus and determination and positive energy made it all possible for you to heal – and way quicker & more complete than most people would heal from such a traumatic injury like that.

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