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Guilt-Free Living

How many times have you felt guilty about something you have done, or did not do?
Most of us have experienced more guilt and self-condemnation than we want to admit.
Sometimes friends and family members impose a bit of guilt and shame on us. Perhaps we missed a family function, forgot an important birthday or did not measure up to someone’s expectations. We might just hear about how we fell short, either directly from the injured party or through the grapevine. The subconscious purpose is to make us feel as terrible about ourselves (as they supposedly feel) due to our mistake. Ironically, it’s generally not needed because most of us feel badly already without being reminded of our shortcomings.

Although there are times when a guilty conscience is due to a specific issue, many times guilt is unfounded and comes from a learned pattern within. Have you ever made a decision or a choice out of guilt? Do you say yes, committing to do things that you really don’t want to do? Do you beat yourself up about something you said…or even ate? Do you waste time and energy worrying about what others might think of you? These are unhealthy patterns of thinking that you have acquired over many years. You may have witnessed your parents, friends, church members or other relatives acting the same way. Guilt can become something that rules your life and your emotions.

Whatever the cause of our guilty obsession, it’s good to know we have the ability to change. It is time to stop being controlled by feelings of guilt and start being true to YOU! While your goal is never to live life harming people, it is also not to allow guilt and shame to drive your daily agenda. Stop wasting brain space and emotional energy. Begin Guilt-Free Living today!

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