Don’t Get Discouraged with your Computer

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Don’t Get Discouraged with your Computer

Sometimes you're looking at your computer monitor and you get so frustrated because something is not working or a web page is not loading. I think this an area that we all quickly could lose our cool. This can add stress in any situation resulting in a muscle in your back or neck tightening up ect ect. You don't realize that getting mad at your computer can be unhealthy! The funny thing is, your computer can't do anything to help you. You have to be able to take a step back and take a deep breath and relax before you can find the solution to the problem. Sometimes the solution is still not obvious at which point you should ask for help. There's nothing wrong with that. You will save yourself unwanted stress in the process. The key thing about your computer is that it's like a treasure chest, if you don't look into the treasure chest, you won't discover anything. Taking the time to click on things just to see what they do can't hurt your computer, if you have a freak out moment, just quit or close the window. The more you investigate the less stress or frustrated you will be when your computer is not cooperating with you.

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  • Soooooo true Luis ….. and you have taught me to not be afraid of investigating …. clicking around to find answers. I like when you explained to me to not have tunnel vision. When it comes to any page on the computer – look at the entire page and click on different things to learn more. That has helped me feel more powerful and saavy for sure !!!

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