Dance that ignites your Happy Hormones, relieves stress and shapes your body beautifully

Fun Creative Dance Mashups

Dance Fusion is your medicine for replenishing those endorphins & is the flame that ignites the expression of your soul. We are dancers, so we totally get you. We invest time and energy everyday in understanding what’s most beneficial for your optimal well being. We keep your body moving with our FUN creative mashups curated from the best aspects of different styles and methods of dance.

Experience Joyful Benefits

  • Elevate your Mood

    Boost your Happy Hormones thru Dancing

  • Feel the Therapeutic Benefits … Dance is Therapy

    Process and release your burdens and issues on the dance floor – become lighter, firing up your euphoric state of being!

  • Lose Weight and Feel Great

    Energize your being. The pounds melt away, as you Feel lighter, looser and better in your body. You’ll be pumped to do your dance workout – every time!

  • Workout your Entire Body

    Dance is multi-directional, you’ll see the benefits in all different areas of your body.
    Look Great and Feel Fantastic

  • Ignite your Creative Flow

    Dance relieves blockages from stress and tension and gets the shakti energy (the creative energy of the universe) flowing thru you

  • Transform Stress into a Positive Force

    When your body moves and grooves, tension releases and mobilizes as energy for your dance …. Putting you in a space of Freedom and Power

  • Free your Spirit

    Release and let go … allow the expression of your spirit to shine thru you

  • Rekindle your Passion and Zest for Life

    Dance fills your Heart and energizes your Soul

Check out what this attendee has to say about Master Instructor & Program Director Michelle LeMay's Underground Yoga™ Dance Class - One of our Dance Fusion classes.

Exclusive Features

  • Expertly Choreographed Fusions

    Combining the “best of” different styles and techniques

  • Mood Boosting Dance Music

    That makes you wanna move and groove your body

  • “Freedom of Expression” Code of Conduct

    We create a safe and judgement free atmosphere so dancers feel free to express themselves to their fullest.

Enhancing The Experience

  • Artistic Seasoned Teachers

    Who break it all down for you and Inspire your Most Powerful Dancer

  • FUN & Unique Freestyle Dance Classes

    Learn how to increase your library of movement for any dance floor.

  • Backed by a Deep Yoga Dance Philosophy

    Inspire your Highest Expression of Yourself through solid techniques that connect your mind body and soul

Enjoying your Optimal Human Experience

You’re Awake and Alive in your Body, Living your Life with PASSION

Some of our classes

  • Groove is from the Heart

    Get into a cardio groove as you’re guided thru a hypnotic dance journey, lost in the PASSION and FUN, you may even forget you’re working out

  • Endorphin Booster

    Get your heart pumping and your Happy Hormones flowing freely in this high energy cardio dance class that inspires you to OWN IT on the Dance Floor

Fun! Fun!

  • Yoga Dance Utopia

    Experience guided freestyle Yoga Dance that pumps up your confidence, celebrates your unique magnificence and inspires freedom in your body temple

  • Hip Hop Happiness

    Let the rhythm feed your soul in this Fun and Easy Hip Hop class that leaves plenty of room for your own style to shine thru

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