Fitness that strengthens your physicality and brings your vitality to a whole new level

Fitness that goes 360˚

Creative Fitness is medicine that builds strength throughout your being and boosts your physical vitality to the next level. We have your best interest at heart. With over 30 years of experience, we understand how the entire body is connected on a deep level, and take a 360 degree approach to your workouts. You'll feel the difference with our innovative approach and receive impactful results right away!

Experience Incredible Benefits

  • Strengthen your Heart & Cardiovascular System

    Enjoy Optimal Health while lengthening your lifespan

  • Strengthen your Bones & Muscles

    Up level your Health and Well being

  • Sculpt your Body Beautiful

    Feel Great in your body every single day

  • Prevent and Heal Injuries

    Condition your physical being and feel Strong, Comfortable and Capable in your body while engaging in your favorite activities

  • Release & Let Go of Stress

    Thru Powerful movements that workout your body

  • Learn to Channel Stress into Awesome Workouts

    Receive great relief from stress while getting into awesome shape

  • Boost your Strength, Power and Confidence

    Ignite your Enthusiasm for life with a new level of Energy and Vitality

  • Look & Feel AMAZING at any age

    Heart pumping, muscle stimulating exercises deliver oxygen and blood nutrients to your entire being, powerfully turning back the clock

Check out what international rock star Slash has to say about Master Instructor & Program Director Michelle LeMay's Fitness & Stretch Classes - recipes from our Creative Fitness Menu.

One Of A Kind Features

  • Body Awakening Workouts

    Nourish your whole body with oxygen and blood nutrients

  • Creative Choreography

    Designed for Super Effective Results with FUN sequences and original creative formats

  • Circuit Training Classes

    Shape your body and work your heart simultaneously

Next Level Experience

  • Motivational (National Champion) Instructors

    See greater benefits when you train under Instructors with years of experience

  • Fitness Infused with Yogic Philosophies

    Achieve greater results by applying Powerful Yogic tools to your fitness routines

  • Curated with a Deep Source of knowledge

    We combine a variety of the best techniques out there to give you the most effective workouts

Engage in your Optimal Human Experience

You feel Fantastic & Energized, and Powerfully Confident

Some of our classes

  • Chizzle Foshizzle

    Be the sculptor of your own body with creative exercises that tone and shape your body beautifully

  • Sexy Sculpt & Stretch

    Create a beautiful balance of strength and flexibility with dynamic and fun stretch and sculpt movements that make you feel alive and sexy in your entire body

Fun! Fun!

  • Hard Core & Sassy Bootie

    Lift and shape your bootie while flattening and firming your abs and yes, you’ll enhance your posture and protect your back too

  • Ballet Pilates Sculpt

    Become STRONG & GRACEFUL with a fusion of ballet, pilates and body sculpting that strengthens and lengthens your entire body

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