Choose LOVE not fear


Choose LOVE not fear

Practice choosing LOVE everyday for 28 days throughout all aspects of your life with your thoughts, actions and words. By coming from a space of LOVE on a regular basis you will attract your highest good and discover more harmony in your life. What kind of energy are you putting out into the world ? Do you project loving energy when you greet people - or is it more fear based? Notice your tone of voice when you speak to others … is that the way you want to be spoken to? What about your thoughts … are you judgemental of yourself and others? Or do you tend to look at the best qualities in yourself and others?

With so much fear in the social consciousness of society, it’s necessary to practice choosing LOVE on a regular basis. It’s about taking a powerful stance and not allowing exterior circumstances to bring you down. It’s about tapping in to your higher self on a regular basis and living your life from there. It’s about rising above stressful situations and making choices from a positive place. By lumping everything into 2 main categories: LOVE and fear - things become very simple and clear. To me - this is a simple way to improve our life. In every situation and thru everything we do, we can ask ourselves: am I coming from LOVE or fear? These are the 2 main categories of emotions, all other emotions are sub categories of either Love or Fear. Love includes the positive perspectives and qualities and emotions of the heart, while fear includes the negative perspectives and qualities and emotions of the ego.

Rather than looking at all the different emotions and issues and making things complicated, this is a simple way to check yourself - you are either coming from LOVE or fear. And if you are coming from fear - it is clear that you need to make a shift to come from a space of LOVE.

Making that shift: For some of you - this will be easy, others may find it more difficult. You may have your own way of making that shift and if it’s works - keep doing it !!! If you need a little help, here are some suggestions of things you can try to lift and shift your energy so you can move from a more loving space. Use what works for you.

*Focus all of your attention into your heart space
*Think about something you are grateful for
*Ask yourself - what will give me my desired outcome
*Listen to music that makes you feel good
*Do something you love to do
*Do something physical that will move negative energy out and raise your vibration like dancing or stretching
*Bang on the drums or play the flute or any other instrument you like to play
*So an exercise quickie from the Body Studio Channel

LOVE is the answer ….. you can look at every situation in your life and ask - “What would LOVE do?”

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  • Babyfish

    This article is so true! A lot of the time we can’t control the circumstances of the world, but we can control how we feel about them. Love and Fear and everything in between are the driving forces of the world. But WE have decide which of these energies are pushing us forward in our lives….

  • I like the way you said “But WE have to decide which of these energies are pushing us forward in our lives….” Yes we get to choose which one every single day.

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