Activate your Crown Chakra everyday for 28 days…

Activate your Crown Chakra everyday for 28 days…

By activating or balancing our crown chakra we become more spiritually wise and understanding and are able to see the bigger picture. It also brings us a sense of inner peace, trust and clarity to our purpose. And the connection we achieve naturally guides us to participate in divine harmony.

Those with an unbalanced or closed crown chakra often lack understanding and often live in confusion. People with closed or unbalanced crown chakras lack purpose in life and tend to be physically exhausted a lot.
The Crown Chakra is located at the top of your head where a babies soft spot would be and continues above your physical skin. It is associated with the colors violet or white.

There are different ways to balance your crown chakra thru prayer, meditation, color and sound therapy. One of the easiest ways to open or balance the Crown Chakra is simply to focus into that area and visualize the color white or violet. As always, your focus is intensified through a relaxed or meditative state, so I recommend taking a few moments to come to a quiet relaxed state. You can use a method you are comfortable with to come to a relaxed state or follow the following steps:
1. Close your eyes
2. Bring your attention to your breath and take 2 deep breathes in and then a long exhale. Repeat for 1 – 3 minutes or as long as it takes to relax and quiet your mind.
3. Then massage the top of your head for a minute and visualize either the color white or violet in that area on the top of your head. (Breathing in a relaxed normal fashion)
4. Place your arms at your side in a comfortable position and continue to focus in the crown chakra area visualizing white or violet for at least another minute, or longer if you wish.

Ways to enhance your experience …
The Crown and Third Eye or Pineal Gland work together, so you can add a focus into the third eye to the meditation above and visualize the color indigo blue while you are focusing in there. (see last months 28 day groove for more info on the Third Eye)
Additionally, the Heart works together with the Crown and Third Eye. For this meditation, you simple picture a beam of bright white light entering in thru your Crown and beaming into your Heart and then extending back up thru the Third Eye. Just follow this pathway of white light with your mind for several minutes. You can associate this with divine guidance entering in thru your Crown … you recognize it as intuition in your Heart … and you follow thru with your intuition thru your Third Eye.

Playing music can help to deepen your experience and the Crown Chakra vibrates to the key B. Tibetan Bowls are particularly good instruments to use for Crown Chakra balancing.

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