About Us

Our Mission

To educate & inspire people towards healthy happy living, through the power of
yoga, music, meditation, dance, fitness & inspiration!

About The Founders

Groove Temple™ founded in 2009 by Luis Rosario and Michelle LeMay began as an idea, a simple thought where the 2 wanted to merge technology, health, wellness, music and dance into an experience that could help people.
The idea grew and evolved naturally. Together, Rosario and LeMay develop the concept of extending Groove Temple™ into an online interactive community that would not only teach people Healthy & High Quality Living Concepts, but also provide entertainment and a platform for people to motivate each other. Groove Temple™'s current vision extends itself to educate, inspire, ignite creativity, and help people become healthier.

Our Wellness Delivery

Groove Temple™ - The space where everything happens unlocking Your Unlimited Potential ...
Underground Yoga™ Lifestyle - The philosophy, The curriculum, The Tools
Groove Temple™ Live - Conscious Dance, Yoga Dance, Creative Dance, Ecstatic Dance -  A fun dance party where your Underground Yoga Dance tools come together...
Creative Fitness™ - Intuitive custom integration of Underground Yoga™ Lifestyle for Corporate Wellness

Dynamic Skill Sets

We are a creative company with a technological edge ...

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Health & Wellness  - 85%
Dance  - 90%
Creative Team - 80%
Technology  - 80%
Programmers  - 75%
Music - 90%