A few highlights from my personal food journey …

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A few highlights from my personal food journey …

I'm sharing some of my trials and tribulations with food because I know some of you will relate, and perhaps it will serve as a wake up call or word of warning to some of you who may be thinking you're eating healthy, yet depriving your body of what it needs. I thought I was pretty aware nutritionally throughout my life, yet when I look back - I have tried my share of fads and foods that were touted to be "healthy" - that really weren't. I was in college when the low fat, no fat products came out …. My roommates and I were all over that shit …. No fat ice cream bars, no fat cookies, crackers, salad dressings – we were eating a bunch of chemicals that were making us fatter and age quicker – thinking that we were going to be skinnier and prettier because of these amazing foods ….we would have contests - who can eat the least amount of fat in a day! Ha …. If I had kept that up I probably would look and feel 20 years older. When I met Arnel, our nutrition guru, I was about 38, and in dire need of some nutritional advice. I was having trouble with muscle recovery, to the point of being sore for a good 4-5 days after a tough workout. He schooled me on the importance of good fats, and after just about a month of getting good fats into my diet - my muscle recovery was back to normal. Yay !!! I felt great, and then came the bonus - my skin started getting more supple and beautiful. So by the time I turned 40 - I was looking younger and better than I did at 38 !!! Did all those years of eating low fat / no fat products do any damage? That question still remains a mystery. It takes years for problems to show up .... luckily our bodies do a great job at healing when we give them what they need. Hopefully I have reversed any adverse affects of limiting my fat intake in my youth, by eating more in the fat department as I got older.

Bye bye vegetarianism... Intuitively I stopped eating red meat when I was 16 … I didn’t have much nutritional education yet – I just couldn’t stomach it anymore. Later as I studied nutrition on my own in college, I understood why I stopped eating red meat and chicken – there weren’t a lot of hormone free choices at that time – so I stuck with being a vegetarian for about 24 years. I was never strict - I did eat fish and dairy products. Right around the time I turned 44 I began craving red meat. I had a very small piece of fillet mignon (hormone free of course)– and it totally agreed with me … so I incorporated a little bit of red meat into my diet whenever I craved it – which started out about every 6 months. Then my nieces came to visit and they love BACON. So I did the BACON BONDING experience and made BLT’s with avocado for all of us. (Nitrate and Nitrite free) YAY !!! My nieces were happy – I digested it fine – It was fun !!! That began the addition of bacon into my diet …. maybe once every other month. Recently my body has been calling for more – so, as I always say – listen to your body – and that I have …. and hamburgers ( a half at a time) have crept into my life! Whoa …. After being vegetarian for so many years – it felt weird to say I’m a meat eater. But the cravings for beef were telling me something ... then one more thing convinced me I needed to get serious about eating more red meat. I had been having some trouble with my forearms, which I think had to do with carrying heavy sound equipment for groovetemple events, along with working on clients with stretch massage. I started seeing an accupuncturist – and the chinese medicine revealed I was blood deficient. She recommended red meat once a week. I went right to whole foods and got a Bison burger - yummy yum ... I never would've have thought I would enjoy beef so much! It was so delicious and so satisfying, I am confident to say I am totally a meat eater right now.

When it comes to nutrition I believe in moderation, educating yourself so you can make the right choices for yourself, and trusting your personal intuition. We all have different bodies and different needs. I do not believe in “dieting” … the word diet is not good for the psyche. Food is meant to be enjoyed not limited and avoided. It bugs me when someone says Banana’s are fattening. If it comes from mother nature it’s good for you ... it looks good on your body ... and it helps your body function properly. Don’t tell me I can only have a quarter cup of blueberry’s – I may want to eat the whole pint. After all, we’re suppose to get 8 servings of fruits and veggies per day! I believe in eating nutrient dense foods and if that means a lot of calories - so be it ... it's going to make me function a lot better and age a lot slower - and that's what's important!

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